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A very warm welcome to our website. This website is specially created for you and anyone who wish to know about noise and vibration monitoring and control. This site also aims to provide information on acoustics and the physical environments we are living in. Of course, the site also provides information about our professional sound solutions and services.

Herein, we are pleased to introduce Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd’s Profile, Objectives, Mission and of course our many consultancy services, as well as tailored courses and R&D programmes for the industries.

So, do come in and find out more about all these services and programmes as well as relevant information regarding Acoustics, Noise Control, Hearing Conservation and Environmental Assessment and Control.

About Our Company

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd (AcLab) is an established and well regarded acoustic and environmental consultancy company in Singapore.

Established since 1996, the Company has since provided acoustical and environmental consultancy services including noise monitoring and control  services as well as hearing conservation programs and courses to the various industries in Singapore.

Throughout all these years, Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd, AcLab, had provided quality and value for money services to the public and private sectors from various industries. AcLab is also playing supporting roles for all our associates.  The services offered also extend to private individuals and overseas companies.

We have also assisted a number of our Clients to successfully win the National Noise Control Awards  in the recent years.

Since incorporation in 1996, Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd has become a reputable and leading acoustical consultancy in Singapore and the region.

Our  consultants and officers are approved by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower to carry out workplace noise monitoring and hearing conservation programmes.

Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Tan Kok Yang, has been offering his professional services in Acoustics, Noise Monitoring and Control, Dosimetry and Hearing Conservation since 1997.

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd has also been approved by the Australian Transport Authority, 2012 to carry out field noise tests for road vehicles.

Over the years, our Clients  are from both  the private and public sectors.

Among the public sector Clients are LTA, HDB, PUB, SMRT, and SGH, etc.

Private sector Clients include  GE Aviation, Argon Critical Care, BD, HP, AMD, PCS, Sumitomo Chemicals, Singapore Press Holding, KSH Ltd, Toshiba Chemical, BRC, KMC, KTC Ltd, etc.