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Company Profile

Our Company’s Profile

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd is a specialist company of acoustic and environmental consultants and has provided professional services, consultancies and training programmes to the various industries and to many MNCs, SMEs as well as Government and Statutory bodies.

Since incorporation in 1996, Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd has become a reputable and leading acoustical consultancy in Singapore and the region.

The company operates a broad-based environmental and acoustical consulting practice specialising in:

  • Workplace Noise Assessments & Surveillance
  • Product Development for Acoustic Materials and Construction
  • Building Acoustics (Noise Control Design)
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Environmental Noise Assessments and Control
  • On Board Sea-Going Vessels Noise Assessments and Control
  • Vehicular Noise Assessment
  • Audiometry and Hearing Conservation Programme
  • Noise Labelling
  • Calibration Services
  • Environmental Assessments (Lighting, IAQ, Ventilation and Thermal Environments.)

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd is also Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s approved consultants and service provider for the industry.

The Principal Consultant, Dr. Tan Kok Yang is an approved trainer for the Workplace Noise Monitoring and Control Courses.

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Our Commitment to Clients

Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd is committed to improving our delivery of quality services and to enhancing our reputation as a responsible and much sought after acoustic consultants, both in Singapore and the region.


Our Corporate Values

Certainly, we place great emphasis on the quality of our services and products.  Indeed, our staff is trained to perform their work based on our long established corporate values.


These values which we termed ‘PLUS’ or ‘+’ values are:

  • Professionalism in our commitments.
  • Life-long learning and a willingness to do our very best.
  • Uphold the principle of kindness, love, justice and peace.
  • Service with Integrity, honesty, safety and fairness.

Indeed, at Acoustical Laboratory Pte. Ltd., we sincerely believe in offering our Clients the best services that they deserve. This has always been so since our incorporation, and will always remain so.

Do take a moment to look at the services and products that we are offering you and do let us know how we can assist you in solving any noise problems or in enhancing your working and living environments in terms of aural, thermal and visual comfort.


Code of Professional Ethics:

Certainly, we place great emphasis on quality of our services. Indeed, all our staff are trained to perform their work based on the following Code of Professional Ethics:

  • Our staff conduct themselves in a professional and safety conscious manner at all times.
  • Our staff must always strive to maintain and improve their professional standards in our work.
  • Our staff must at all times, treat all clients/parties involved with integrity, fairness and honesty.
  • Our staff must ensure that all pertinent facts are considered before making any suggestions or drawing any conclusions in the course of our assignments.
  • Our staff would never be involved in any work where any direct or indirect conflict of interest may be cause for concern about the objectivity of the final report.
  • Our staff would never allow any person or party to direct the outcome of a report or influence the information contained in a report.
  • Our staff endeavour to be familiar with all local laws which may apply to the work being conducted.
  • Our staff would assist clients in fully understand all the information presented in the report and that would explain to them any suggestions or conclusions contained in the report.
  • Our staff are encouraged to upgrade themselves professionally through training courses and other programmes.