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    Indoor Lighting and Daylighting   (i)          Indoor Lighting Evaluation (ii)        Room Index, Glare   Prevention (iii)       Reflectance Tests (iv)       Light/Lux Levels mapping (iii)       Indoor Lighting Designs & consultancies (iv)       Research and Development (viii)    Customised  Training Courses For more information on the

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      Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality (i)         Indoor Ventilation Studies (ii)       IAQ Monitoring and Control (iii)     IAQ Research and Development (iv)     Customised  Training Courses For more information on the above, please visit our websites: Or email:

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        Indoor Thermal Environment & Heat Stress   (i)          Indoor Thermal Comfort Studies (ii)         PMV and PDD Evaluation (iii)       Heat Stress Monitoring (iv)       Thermal Insulation Designs (v)        Green Building Consultancies (vi)       Energy Optimisation Evaluation (vii)     Research and Development (viii)

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          Acoustics, Noise & Vibration & Hearing Conservation (i)          Acoustics, Noise Monitoring and Control (ii)        Vibration monitoring, control and Isolation (iii)      Environmental Noise Monitoring and  Control (iv)      Acoustics Research and Development (v)       Hearing Health, Conservation and Dosimetry (vi)      Acoustics R & D (vii)  

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